Sunday, 23 November 2014

Dusk and Dawn - Removing binary gender

Almost everything in nature we see and experience has varying degrees. There is night and day, but they can’t happen without dusk and dawn. Just so in people, There is male and female. But we ALL have elements in us. The traits of masculinity and femininity are to be found in both. We are all just people. It’s only for reproduction that it really matters.

When does black become white? When does Young become old? When does male become female? These are NOT binaries. These are scales. Nature is nothing without scale or increment. Binaries are reference points only, not descriptions of what you do day to day. Day to day you need to grow! Similarly on gender, I totally respect the alpha male and female scenario. Indeed I love it! If you are a male and live by engine grease, great. If you are female and love make-up and dressmaking - go for it. But that doesn’t mean we all must live it every day.

For more time than I remember I have strived to subdue my more traditionally feminine feelings. I have crushed them. I have psychologically insulted them. I have hated myself. My story isn’t one of a female trapped in a males body. I don’t feel that. I only feel I want to be me. And as I can only assume that I am not unique, that many others may also feel similar?

I reject my programming. And at the minimum, you should question your’s ant that of your children. Every time you speak to your child, your friend, your partner and say something like, “women drivers!”, “men can’t multitask” or “it’s a baby girl so let’s get her something pink” you are the program…

By all means get a boy blue or a girl pink, but do it because it’s for that person, not the label. You are creating their destiny.

So please consider allowing a little more rainbow light into the world. There’s more than the heat of the midday sun or the cold dark of night.



  1. Well said, Jodie. I wish my parents had been more open minded. The binary was embedded in them.

    Keep writing! I am listing your blog on T-Central, if you don't mind.


    1. Thanks so much Calie. Yes no problemo if you want to list it :)

  2. I have come to the same place as you Jodie. You can define yourself on that scale where you feel you belong and let no one tell you different!