Sunday, 5 March 2017

What I’m talking about

Ok so many of you will have seen this photo, absorbed and passed it by. I just caught it on a video artical on the BBC website. Quite frankly I was surprised. I was surprised it was even an article? But in essence this is simply what a lot of my Blog is about. People being different and getting on about their own lives. I'm not even going to 'lable' the two people as they are unique individuals.

As it’s old news I’ll leave you to make your conclusions but all I’ll say is whilst most of the focus of the media has been on the subjects of the photo what about the entire scene? When you watch the BBC interviews of New Yorkers and then recognise the fact apart from the photographer there must have been a few more people in the carriage. You can see one off shot to the right. Assumidly these were less interesting subjects? But all these New Yorkers give testament to how good New Yorkers are at letting people be people.

The viral aspect of this case was propegated by less tolerant individuals. I guess some people can't abide people not fighting and living side-by-side... These are the sort of people are the danger to society not the subjects in the photo...

End note. Despite the negitivity on the world stage the USA has recieved recently mentioning no names - Go NYC!

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